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I found a tiny pink seashell

It was half-past high tide and love at first sight
when the tiny pink seashell
caught my heart from her spot on the sand.

She paused in her talk with the shell-shard and seaweed
to blow me a kiss of hello.

Pleased to meet you

“Oh, hello! Pleased to meet you,” I said
as I sat down and scooped her up in my palm.
“I’ve never seen anyone like you before in this cove.”

“That’s cuz I’m new here,” she replied.
“Can you show me around?”

We went down to the driftwood

We walked up the beach
and I showed her some sights
she’d never seen from the height of my hand.
At the Driftwood Plateau we met a lone plant
who had grown in the sea-tossed-up soil.
“Seashell, meet Dandelion.
Dandelion, Seashell.”

Seashell, meet Dandelion.

“I thought dandelions were bright yellow with petals?”
Seashell asked with a pure questioning heart.
“I am still a yellow dandelion,” said the flower,
“But my yellow has transformed into seeds.
What you see now are my daughter ideas
almost ready to spread.”

“Is it true I can blow on your face
to make my wishes come true?”
asked Seashell.

What you may not know
(Because I know I didn’t)

is that dandelions can make wishes, too,
by blowing into the face of pink seashells.

Who's making the wish?

Each blew hard as they could
to send their wish flying.
Seashell did a backflip.
Dandelion launched seeds.

Shell's wish to stay

“Ha! Now my wish can come true,”
laughed the shell when she landed.
“I’m hoping a wave will arise
and sweep me back to the sea. That’s where I belong.”

Dandelion's wish comes true, too

Without a word Dandelion smiled,
Trusting her wish would come true.

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In honor of the day you were born
I went to the beach
that’s across the Sound from where you were born.

The Sound splashed celebration
while I made you this cake
and the sunshine made wishes.

Make a wish



We wished you were here.

We're having a party


Happy Birthday, Mom!


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Lounging on South Beach FLAh, Spring Break from so long ago. Sunshine. Ocean.  South Beach.
Sister…we need a beach vacation!

South Beach too

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Some days in Seattle, especially Sundays,
it’s necessary to make your own.
Sun, that is.


We have these Pantone color-matching cards that make the perfect,
and we mean perfect, sunshine colors.
Mimosa makes sense for PMS 14-0848,
like Sunday brunch at the beach.

The mechanics are a bit like flying a kite,
string required, of course.
A bit of wind helps, but not too much.

hoisting-sun-mimosaYou wait for just the right breeze, the right lift,
and you hoist your sunshine into the sky.
And bask in the glow.
Good for the soul.
SPF 2 is plenty.

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whats-this-bottleon a sunless day in West Seattle
we saw an empty bottle on the beach

wrote-a-notealways wanted to send a message in a bottle,
I thought, feeling extra adventurous in my fabulous oyster-shell hat.
so I wrote one.
and rolled up a second blank one saying “write your own”
for whoever finds it next.
one should carry extra pencils for occasions such as this.
sealed-it-intucked it in, stoppered tight

sitting-with-it-sealed-a-minuteand sat there a moment, with my message
that momentarily would travel into the world
like a wish to come true

into-the-surfmessage bottles are a bit cumbersome to drag to the sea
without any handles

sending-msg-in-a-bottlehere we are, moments before it embarked…

msg-in-a-bottle-in-surfbon voyage, my message in a bottle

2-msgs-in-a-bottlewho might find it?

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Summer solstice Emotikin wish

A wise shaman once told me how, on the summer solstice, to set your intentions  for the rest of the year. So I strapped on my fingered-hands and wrote a note to the goddess, wrapped it in fresh basil and red ribbon.  My wish is my own, but you can burn or bury yours with this prayer, “Today I let go of the past and invite the blessings of the Universe.”

(And then I fell into the basil pot.
I am pretty sure the plant will revive.
Another solstice wish.)

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Wishing on a rainbow

If I could, I’ d paint a rainbow on the sky
and I’d make a wish on every color.
Every wish would be for you,
wishing you just what you needed
today, tonight, and tomorrow.

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If fluffy white
flowers really were wishes
awaiting your whiff
and a whoosh,
What if?

Oh, hello dear dandelion

Oh, hello dear Dandelion

And you, I see you've already given out wishes

And you, I see you've already given out wishes

Here's one with a few wishes left

Here's one with a few wishes left

Oh, fragile unwished wishes!

Oh, fragile unwished wishes!

Ah, magic wishes awaiting a wisher

Ah, magic wishes awaiting a wisher

Will you be my wishing wand?

Will you be my wishing wand?

You will? Let's dance before wishing...

You will? Let's dance before wishing...

I cherish each wish...

I cherish each wish with a kiss and a blessing...

There goes the first wish

There goes the first wish...ppffttt!

Look! A sky full of fluff. Are those wishes?

Look! A sky full of fluff. Are those wishes?

Thanking each wish in advance

A bouquet of wishes, thanking each thought in advance

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath...

A seed of a wish awaiting a breeze...

A seed of a wish awaiting a breeze...

Loading my bow, aiming my wish to the sky

Loading my bow, aiming my wish to the sky...

I wanted a wish so I whiffed and it whooshed

I wanted a wish so I whiffed and it whooshed and whisked away in the wind

I planted a seed in the sky

And so with each wish i cherished and kissed, I planted a seed in the sky.

good night

~ ~ ~

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