Play In Your Day

Emotikin like to keep you company while you work, whether in the office, at home, in the kitchen or the garden. They also like road trips if you let them look out the window. They really like to play and will call out to your inner child to take a break. 

When you’re feeling blue, Emotikin can strike a pose to empathize and commiserate, but after a short while, you’ll notice they’d rather tease you into a new frame of mind.

Emotikin like a change of pace, so don’t let them collect dust by standing too long in one position. Change their style with new decorations, a different wrap of fabric or just some time au naturel to stretch and dance. 

Do you have trinkets, beads, charms or memorabilia from a favorite trip or past-time? Emotikin love being draped with reminders of the things that give you a lift, put a smile on your face, and inspire you. Have fun finding poses and decorations that represent metaphors for your life.

Be kind to yourself by taking time to play each day. Make a motion to change the old way of doing something. Pose questions to yourself about changes you’d like. Get motivated. Emote your emotions.

Sidewalk Chalk Emoti-Artist Extraordinaire!

come out and play, Gnome
come out and play, it’s a beautiful day!