Setting Summer Solstice Intentions with Basil & Red Ribbon

Summer solstice Emotikin wish

A wise shaman once told me how, on the summer solstice, to set your intentions  for the rest of the year. So I strapped on my fingered-hands and wrote a note to the goddess, wrapped it in fresh basil and red ribbon.  My wish is my own, but you can burn or bury yours with this prayer, “Today I let go of the past and invite the blessings of the Universe.”

(And then I fell into the basil pot.
I am pretty sure the plant will revive.
Another solstice wish.)

Sense: Sight: Color for a Cloudy Day #ced2010

Color for a Cloudy Day

No leaf  buds yet on the swamp oak. Intermittent-only blue sky on a spring Saturday. 50 percent off pink, yellow, blue, green tags at the ARC. Nylon scarves in seven hues, 50% off. Thrify solution to a cloudy day. Make scarf-blossoms for the Emotikin family tree.  Make a rainbow toga for a Goddess. Make color count.

goddess in a tree

Scarf blossoms

Emotikins in a Tree

Like Birds on a Wire Flying


Two in a Tree

the goddess


goddess in a tree

goddess nest

scarves and a goddess

she is a goddess

Scarves in a Tree

Now it’s easier to believe Spring is coming.