Meaning within arm’s reach of beach blanket

Stacking my thoughts

I made Monday a Sunday.
Slept in. Dawdled. Worked only one hour.

Then I went to the beach by myself plus my soul and my snapshot machine. And beach blanket.

High tide was on its way in. So much for exploring.

My self said lets sit. No need to explore. We can see what we see from this spot on the rocks.

She was right. Our eyesight grew sharper with a short-sighted focus. What could we see in the sand and the gravel and driftwood from here? A lot it turns out.

Like flat rocks to stack, like thoughts on a shelf.

And blue mussel halves of size large and medium. Then lo and behold, a super small two-halves still-intact whole!

mussels-nested-DSC_0510 (600 x 399)

Add a half ancient shell with hole for a string to add to my collection back home, then a super small shell of the same kind, sans string hole.

Clear sandblasted glass then a green shard.

My eyes were having so much fun noticing, I mostly took pics with my mind.

I noticed how high tide comes in with so much stuff in the swells. It matches the muck in my mind that’s needing releasing.

The waves serenaded. The sun played hide and seek. The sand bugs jumped up and down in delight or delirium; it was hard to know what they meant in their popcorn-like frenzy.

Time slowed. Time passed. Sea slowed and did a 180 sans fanfare.

By the time dinner called I noticed the waves were clear of all stuff. So was my mind.

On the beach blanket

Rubber ducky, you make Seattle so much fun!

Rubber ducky reflections on a rainy Sunday in SeatleIt was a rainy Sunday in Seattle, and Emotikin needed to get out of the house!
“Let’s take a walk,” she said to rubber ducky, who had been twiddling his leash
and watching TV all day, bored bored bored, just waiting for the invitation.

California Avenue on a Sunday afternoon was busier than they expected.
Lots of folks with cabin fever were out and about since the showers had turned to drops.

Startled dog meets duck on a walk with Emotikin“Whoa!” said the dog (fresh from his grooming appointment next door).
“What the duck?!”

Can I smell that creature?“Can I smell that maple creature?”

dogduck4 (600 x 450)“Hey, don’t get too close to my duck, dog! That’s not a toy!”

Rubber ducky on a West Seattle sidewalk Lucky duck, escaped the dog!

duckumbrellalady (399 x 600)So the duck and Emotikin continued their walk in West Seattle,
and greeted other Sunday walkers on their way.
“We don’t need no stinkin’ umbrella,” whispered the duck after those folks passed by.

duckworm (600 x 407)Stopped to talk with a worm who didn’t say much.

duckwalking (399 x 600)Emotikin couldn’t help but start humming that song made
famous by Ernie. “Rubber ducky, you’re the one…”

duckwalk-reflection (502 x 600)“…you  make Seattle so much fun,
rubber ducky I’m awfully fond of you!
Boo boopy doo!”

A rainy Sunday is so much better after a walk!

Hoisting our own sunshine on a non-sun Sunday in Seattle


Some days in Seattle, especially Sundays,
it’s necessary to make your own.
Sun, that is.


We have these Pantone color-matching cards that make the perfect,
and we mean perfect, sunshine colors.
Mimosa makes sense for PMS 14-0848,
like Sunday brunch at the beach.

The mechanics are a bit like flying a kite,
string required, of course.
A bit of wind helps, but not too much.

hoisting-sun-mimosaYou wait for just the right breeze, the right lift,
and you hoist your sunshine into the sky.
And bask in the glow.
Good for the soul.
SPF 2 is plenty.

At the Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch with Batikin #ced2010

One sunny Sunday not long ago, Batikin and I took the Nikon to the Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch on Hwy 287 in Broomfield, Colorado. The fields go on and on for acres. We had a field nearly to ourselves for our photoshoot.  If you were to pick a photo for an October calendar page, which would you vote for?

October at the Pumpkin Patch

A (above) or B (below)?

October Batikin

Enjoy the rest of our photoshoot. We did!

Sneaking up on unsuspecting pumpkins

Sneaking up on unsuspecting pumpkins.

I am Zorro-kin

I am Zorro-kin

Riding the air waves on my pumpkin

Riding the air waves on my pumpkin

Alone with his thoughts

Alone with his thoughts

Batikin with EmotikinGirl

Batikin with EmotikinGirl ... Me and my shadow

Thanks, Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch

Thanks, Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch

What if dandelion fluffs really were wishes for blowing? #ced2010

If fluffy white
flowers really were wishes
awaiting your whiff
and a whoosh,
What if?

Oh, hello dear dandelion

Oh, hello dear Dandelion

And you, I see you've already given out wishes

And you, I see you've already given out wishes

Here's one with a few wishes left

Here's one with a few wishes left

Oh, fragile unwished wishes!

Oh, fragile unwished wishes!

Ah, magic wishes awaiting a wisher

Ah, magic wishes awaiting a wisher

Will you be my wishing wand?

Will you be my wishing wand?

You will? Let's dance before wishing...

You will? Let's dance before wishing...

I cherish each wish...

I cherish each wish with a kiss and a blessing...

There goes the first wish

There goes the first wish...ppffttt!

Look! A sky full of fluff. Are those wishes?

Look! A sky full of fluff. Are those wishes?

Thanking each wish in advance

A bouquet of wishes, thanking each thought in advance

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath...

A seed of a wish awaiting a breeze...

A seed of a wish awaiting a breeze...

Loading my bow, aiming my wish to the sky

Loading my bow, aiming my wish to the sky...

I wanted a wish so I whiffed and it whooshed

I wanted a wish so I whiffed and it whooshed and whisked away in the wind

I planted a seed in the sky

And so with each wish i cherished and kissed, I planted a seed in the sky.

good night

~ ~ ~

A sense of perspective. (#ced2010) Poetry of purple weeds.

How tall is tall? Hip deep in weeds? Or flowers?
Imagine fingertips touching the whisps of wheat in wind

Imagine spinning slowly, fingertips touching wisps of wheat in wind

The magic of microvision. The lack of smellovision. The joy of spring.

good day. bad day.
flowers. weeds.
small. gigantic.
snowy morning.
sunny afternoon.
bad day. good day.
it’s all in your a sense of perspective.

fickle spring



Queen Mariposa and the First Dandelion (#ced2010)

Queen Mariposa

Here are some random thoughts and photos of our “Spring Day with Dandelions” Emoti-Photoshoot.

  • Hold a dandelion below her chin, and if you can see a yellow reflection upon the skin, she is fond of butter.  Or, if it shines a gold circle under her chin, she is telling the truth.
  • Legend has it that the tallest dandelion stalk a child can find in the early spring will show how much taller she will grow in the coming year.  Queen Mariposa Emotikin (now 16″) will grow four more inches.  
  • Reserving a section of your yard for native flowering plants and for weeds like dandelion, nettle, and milkweed should also be added somewhere nearby to help guarantee a good variety of butterflies
  • According to this live Butterfly Migration Map, monarchs are moving north but have not been spotted in Colorado yet. Clearly, they don’t know about the MonarchEkin variety. What kind of emoti-caterpillar becomes an Monarchikin butterfly?
  • It’s nice to have a girl play date. Thanks Crystal and Ivy for playing along. Creativity cubed!
The First Dandelion of Spring

The First Dandelion of Spring

Adornment of Queen Mariposa Emotikin

Adornment of Queen Mariposa Emotikin

Sunbathing Beauty

MonarchEkin in a Tree

New Leaf Buds

Mariposa's Senior Pic

Mariposa's Senior Pic

Tinkerbell's Shadow

Garden Gnome Gets a Dandelion

The best thing about dandelions is that they bloom into magic-wish wands.