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simply random snapshots of New Years Day in the woods of Lincoln Park…
tree-communing-NewYearsDay2013communing with trees


composting autumn on the 138th step


in-awe-of-algae-texturesawed by so many layers of life in these woods

awesome-olympicsa posterized view over Puget Sound

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mittens-sandman-posterizedIf it doesn’t snow at the beach, can you still meet a snowman?

building-a-sandmanIf you find the right ingredients, like low tide, a crab leg for a nose,
seaweed hair, driftwood and sea-grass arm,s and pebble eyes…

mittens-posterizedAnd magic mittens that make sand into snow, sort of…


And the final magic?
Sunday sunshine .

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How tall is tall? Hip deep in weeds? Or flowers?
Imagine fingertips touching the whisps of wheat in wind

Imagine spinning slowly, fingertips touching wisps of wheat in wind

The magic of microvision. The lack of smellovision. The joy of spring.

good day. bad day.
flowers. weeds.
small. gigantic.
snowy morning.
sunny afternoon.
bad day. good day.
it’s all in your a sense of perspective.

fickle spring



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Queen Mariposa

Here are some random thoughts and photos of our “Spring Day with Dandelions” Emoti-Photoshoot.

  • Hold a dandelion below her chin, and if you can see a yellow reflection upon the skin, she is fond of butter.  Or, if it shines a gold circle under her chin, she is telling the truth.
  • Legend has it that the tallest dandelion stalk a child can find in the early spring will show how much taller she will grow in the coming year.  Queen Mariposa Emotikin (now 16″) will grow four more inches.  
  • Reserving a section of your yard for native flowering plants and for weeds like dandelion, nettle, and milkweed should also be added somewhere nearby to help guarantee a good variety of butterflies
  • According to this live Butterfly Migration Map, monarchs are moving north but have not been spotted in Colorado yet. Clearly, they don’t know about the MonarchEkin variety. What kind of emoti-caterpillar becomes an Monarchikin butterfly?
  • It’s nice to have a girl play date. Thanks Crystal and Ivy for playing along. Creativity cubed!
The First Dandelion of Spring

The First Dandelion of Spring

Adornment of Queen Mariposa Emotikin

Adornment of Queen Mariposa Emotikin

Sunbathing Beauty

MonarchEkin in a Tree

New Leaf Buds

Mariposa's Senior Pic

Mariposa's Senior Pic

Tinkerbell's Shadow

Garden Gnome Gets a Dandelion

The best thing about dandelions is that they bloom into magic-wish wands.


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Color for a Cloudy Day

No leaf  buds yet on the swamp oak. Intermittent-only blue sky on a spring Saturday. 50 percent off pink, yellow, blue, green tags at the ARC. Nylon scarves in seven hues, 50% off. Thrify solution to a cloudy day. Make scarf-blossoms for the Emotikin family tree.  Make a rainbow toga for a Goddess. Make color count.

goddess in a tree

Scarf blossoms

Emotikins in a Tree

Like Birds on a Wire Flying


Two in a Tree

the goddess


goddess in a tree

goddess nest

scarves and a goddess

she is a goddess

Scarves in a Tree

Now it’s easier to believe Spring is coming.

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Today was Play Friday at the office, though nobody had put it on the calendar per se. It was Aries Birthday Cake Day — that was on the calendar. It was also Bring Your Baby Chihuahau To Work Day — again, not on the calendar.   

It Got Away

It got away!

Play Day meant Magnetic Emotikin was at work, I mean at play, in the hallways. He started the day trying to float red-heart balloons up the staircase. He was so sure the balloon was tightly tied to his wrist, but alas, the persistent helium plus magnetic pull of the ceiling stripped the balloon from his wrist almost instantly.   

Magnetic Emotikin hung around the stairwell most of the day, except when he fell and Trista brought him back to his regular office. Around lunchtime, he hung out in Flamingo Pose by the microwave. He didn’t really know it was Flamingo Pose as such, but it looked good, felt good, and stretched his hamstrings nicely (and reportedly made the Art Director laugh).   

Bring Your Baby Chihauhau To Work Day

Bring Your Baby Chihauhau To Work Day

When MagEmoti got home that night, he told Big Emotikin about his day, and Big Emotikin couldn’t help but wish he had magnetic feet, too. Butterfly wings are great, at least for pretending to fly and be magic, but magnetic hands and feet convey a certain credibility at photoshoots. And damn if those inlaid magnets don’t  just shout “Super Hero!”   

So EmotikinWorld Girl (aka, the Photographer) put on her CreativeEveryDay hat and decided to fashion some magic slippers with magnetic insoles for Big Emotikin. Those slippers really were magic, reminiscent of those of the Gold Shoe Easter Bunny.   

Magic Gold Shoes

Magic Gold Shoes

Magic Magnetic Gold Shoes

Magic Magnetic Gold Shoes

Shoes strapped on, magnets situated, magic headband and wings in place, Big Emotikin transformed into Shamanikin and commenced to climbing all over the house, wherever he could find the proper metal footing. The red antique toy car, the fireplace front, the lampbase, oh – and the stove and the stove vent. YAY!   

Shoe Testing
Shoe Testing
Leaping Off Tall Oven-Vents

Leaping Off Tall Oven-Vents

Oven Jumping

Oven Jumping

Scaling Walls With a Single Shoe

Scaling Walls With a Single Shoe

Consulting the Light

Consulting the Light

Shamanikin Sees the Truth

Shamanikin Sees the Truth

Shamanikin engaged his inner superheroability and magic sticky gold slippers to scale the brick wall, up, up, up to the magic crystal. There, after consulting the Light, Shamanikin learned the truth…  


Stylish shoes matter.   

And they lived happily with sticky feet

And so they lived happily that night with sticky feet

(This post brought to you by ProMag magnets and Sulky Premium thread)  

Not really. 

PS Thanks to the Creative Every Day Challenge 2010 for inspiring me on a Friday.

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Reading Rock Chick Rescue in bed

Reading "Rock Chick Rescue" in bed

I decided that my Creative Every Day Challenge today (other than being creative at work which doesn’t necessarily count for CED2010, or creating a colorful salad for dinner, or taking a few mobile photos while walking home today sans Emotikin) is going to be reading my new favorite book, Rock Chick Rescue by my favorite sexy mystery-romance writer friend, Kristen Ashley. The green cover just happens to be in keeping with my green-week theme.

This is the second in Kristen’s Rock Chick series, which my bookgroup read last summer and then met at The Hornet on 76 Broadway to discuss it (because much of the book takes place in the Baker District and downtown Denver). Being a Denver native, I love her crowd of colorful characters you wish you could party with (but you might be too shy), or meet at the coffee shop and live vicariously through their raucous hot escapades while sipping a latte and pretending to read. Her version of a bookstore/coffee shop, Fortnums, makes me wish our Starbucks could be like that! Well, not counting the crazy crime scenes.

Last night I devoured the first 45 pages over a quiet solo dinner. Then devoured more til midnight, reading in bed. Tonight, I need to pry the book out of Emotikin’s hands (big Emotikin and Tattoo Emotikin were fighting over who got to read it during the photo shoot)  so I can find out what happens next with Jet and Eddie.

Thanks a LOT Kristen!

Getting to the good stuff in "Rock Chick Rescue"

Getting to the good stuff in "Rock Chick Rescue"

Read Kristen’s website and blog about her books series
and media attention in the UK, where she lives & writes
(and makes us who know & love her proud).

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