In awe of the textures of New Years Day in the forest

simply random snapshots of New Years Day in the woods of Lincoln Park…
tree-communing-NewYearsDay2013communing with trees


composting autumn on the 138th step


in-awe-of-algae-texturesawed by so many layers of life in these woods

awesome-olympicsa posterized view over Puget Sound

Emotikin World 2011 Calendar is now available! #ced2010

Emotikin World 2011 Calendar

2011 Emotikin World Calendar - inside glance

I am happy to say I published my first Emotikin calendar, thanks to
You can order here

Save 25% on 1-9 calendars. Coupon code: FLURRY

$17.57 You Save: 5%
List Price: $18.49
Ships in 3–5 business days

11 x 17 when open, spiral binding

The paper is actually quite sturdy nice — not at all flimsy like you might worry!!

Spring snow! Soggy dogs!

Knee deep!

Knee deep!

Sweater weather on the way to work, mitten weather on the way home.  I couldn’t wait to take the Emotikin out in the backyard to measure the snow. It was emoti-knee deep on the picnic table at six o’clock.  And that was less than 3 hours of snow.  

Catching snowflakes on one's tongue!

Catching snowflakes on one's tongue!

You're not the tennis ball

what ARE you?

Abby and Mia love the snow. I’m so glad I cleaned the kitchen floors on Sunday. Murphy’s Law of Mopping is not a myth. 

Mia, come here

Mia, come here


Wipe your feet please.

"Wipe your feet please." "But I want to go back outside."