Hello World!

Emotikin likes to travel — to big cities, the beach, the mountains, the river, museums–somedays the front yard is just right for playing with Gnome, building snowmen or drawing with sidewalk chalk.

Join us in our adventures around the globe and around our town of Denver, Colorado.

2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Looks like fun ! When I saw the first photo in the snow I thought they were life size !!!!

    Broomfield ! I grew up in Westminster. Kids and family in your neck of the woods.

    Small world.

    • It IS a small world, isn’t it! I have fun with the dimensions of the Emotikins — would love to have a lifesize manikin and have an eye on a supersize one at the art supply store. My son and I made a cloth one years back, by drawing around his 5th grade shape, that I keep at work now. We call him Ferris (as in Bueller).

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