After the Windowsill


Today was the day. It was time to let my seashell friends and stones go back home. They’ve been gracing my windowsills nearly a year, coming to stay a few at a time over time. The spiders and dust motes made them sneeze. So in the spirit of Solstice next Tuesday, it seemed the right day to let High Tide give them a go.

So off to Point Robinson, north of the lighthouse.


Out of the basket, landing in the sand with happy chirps.


Ah, what a beautiful crew. I’m going to miss them.


They jumped onto the just-right-size driftwood to take in the view, get their bearings.


Then we sang songs. I wish you could have heard them harmonizing.


When it was time for me to say farewell, one little green stone asked to go back in my pocket. I said yes, of course, yes.

I must admit, the basket wasn’t empty when I left the beach. New stones had invited themselves for summer vacation. But that’s another story.

     Enjoy the whole movie story with music:  

A playful day at Cedarbrook Stables

Curious equine

A curious equine
leans down to sniff

Hey horse, come over hereHey, horsey
Come see me

What's your name?

What’s your name?

He tried to eat my hand

A second later, this one bit my hand!
I’m done.

I'm gonna explore

I’m gonna explore

Hi little mushrooms

Hi little mushrooms

Do you see the four-leaf clover?

Can you see spot a four-leaf clover?

Silly rooster

Rooster wants to play lookout

He's comin to get me

He’s comin’ to get me
Tough little bugger

Pretty feathers

Pretty preener
(Kristie, this one’s for you!)

Out back of the barn

Out back of the barn there’s this
old worn down lean-to

I have to go see

I have to go see

Magical blossoms

Magical blossoms
A moth a’lit there a moment ago

Balance beam angles

Balance beam angles

Blue beams

I love these blue beams

Walking toward the barn

Wobbley balance beam to the barn

Emerald green pastures

Emerald green pastures
sploch splish splooooch

Another pasture fence

Can I balance around the bend?

The answer to the previous question.


Guess it’s time to go home.

Playing by the Railroad Tracks on a Windy Winter Afternoon

Rail Walker

Saturdays should be spent outside.  At least for a few hours, especially if it’s 60 degrees in February, even if it’s windy and doesn’t feel like 60.  Thursday’s snow made the walking trail a muddy bog, so Emotikin decided to walk the rails. Bold, dangerous, carefree, adventurous. That’s what this Saturday called for.

Under the bridge is a river...

Call it the culvert, call it a river, call it a place to jump rock to rock, soak up the sun on a still-cold stone, daring the icy water to swirl too close.

Testing the Nesting for Mr. Mallard

Sea grass, beach grass, duck nest?  Perching here is warmer than the rocks.

Thought Clouds

If Emotikin thoughts were louder than words, what blue-sky-sunny optimism might be heard on this mid-winter concrete beach?

Ice Climber

Avalanche danger? Solid slush.  South face slope still knows what season we’re in. Wishing for spikes on my feet, skis, or a sled.

Fossils in the concrete

What were they thinking, this crew who placed the stones in the concrete berm? Did they notice the fossils in this rock and laugh, wondering whether anyone would ever notice this fine art installation?

Cross-section...We all have tree rings

What layers of life do we each have inside, secret saplings we grew beyond, now seasoned and strong?


Balance in the wind, poised on a pier, invisible cape, courageous.

Time Traveler

What if when you landed, there was a sign saying what year you’d arrived?

Today's play brought to you by the Letter S

Saturday. Sunny. Signs. Sings. Silly. Soul-happy. Seriously.

Life creates captions.

Fun with (and at) Serendipity in Longmont CO #ced2010

Ready for a cruiser bike ride

Wish I'd brought my hat so I could be one of the Serendipity Girls

Wish I'd brought my hat so I could be one of the Serendipity Girls

Easter Island Guys

Humming along with the Easter Island Guys

I love these shoes!

I love these green shoes!

i could have her job

I could have her job - and keep my head on

Meet Charlie Nightmare

Meet Charlie Nightmare

Sue me! It's so soft!

Sue me! It's so soft!

Chin up! No eye contact with the customers, girls!

Chin up! No eye contact with the customers, girls!

Can I boa this for my next party?

Can I boa this for my next party?

Picnic plate

Picnic plate - or sombrero?

Go to Serendipity

Thanks to Serendipity for the photoshoot location

Many thanks to Vicky Boone, owner of Serendpity Antiques and Collectibles in Longmont, Colorado. We’ve been driving by her store all year on our way to Crackpots to paint our pottery and this weekend, i remembered to bring my camera and my new 20-inch Venti Emotikin. After finishing a new coffee tumbler at Crackpots, Venti and I walked down the street and spent a playful hour perusing the antiques. Vicky has created so many wonderful vignettes in her shop that my imagination ignited. Such a fun Saturday. We’ll be back — next time we’re bringing Venti’s black top hat and some accessories to jazz up the pics. I highly recommend taking yourself on an Artist’s Date at Serendipity, or your local rendition!