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I'm looking for Spring? Have you seen her?“Have you seen Spring? I’m looking for her.”

“Nope. Spring is still sleeping. Who can blame her?
I’ve heard that Winter wants to be only one-degree warm on Tuesday.

“But here, smell this lemon grass — it will remind you of Spring for a moment.”

Spring isn't here yet, but smell this dried lemongrass

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St Francis Farm, April 9, 2002, Palisade, Colorado. Witnessing our first full spring of blossoms as orchardists. Cherries, apricots, pears, plums. Bees yet to kiss blossoms. Bushels yet to be bountiful. Anticipation. Spring. Nostalgia for eight years past. Before time passed. Happy memories. Mind’s eye smelling blossoms.

Today’s garden lacks blooming trees. Tree gift certificate from our winter wedding still waiting to be redeemed.  Plant pink blossoms? Soon.

Peach Blossoms Plum blossoms
Pear Blossoms Cherry Blossoms

2nd story view

mmmm, inhale!

Mmmm... Inhale!

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