A few soul steps to liberate yourself from a life of posing

Do you feel like a windvane
Do you ever feel like  a windvane,
running in vain, going nowhere,
waiting for a gust to change your direction?

Sitting still

Or do you feel like you sit still all day?

Sitting on the sand with a hint of sunshine

Sitting surrounded by infinite grains of sand
casting long shadows with that slight slant of sun.

Stand up and take a step

What will make you stand up and take a first step?

Start walking

And keep going, as awkward as it feels.

Keep going

Even if you have to drag that damn poser post behind you for now…

Take an even bigger step

Take an even bigger step, even if you feel off balance.

Ask for help

You might need to ask for help before the tide gets any higher.
Those willing to help will appear.

Then dance

Which is great cuz  then
you’ll have someone to dance with.

It’s your Liberated Soul Swing!

2 thoughts on “A few soul steps to liberate yourself from a life of posing

  1. Amazing to find these relatives (of the ancient Wood family, no doubt) to the manikin-man who has mysteriously appeared in our office after we moved here last year. He is very quiet about his mission in life, but we have now established that his prime goal is to make us smile on a daily basis by finding a new spot or pose in our 25 by 12 foot office space almost every day and greet us from there. We suspect he gets some help from higher up. Since he has joined us, several inexplicable phenomena have taken place: the Unannounced Appearance of the walnut-riddled chocolate Brownie-cake of last September, the Case of the Second-Dart-Landing-Right-Into-The-Back-Of-The-First of January and the mega-sized U-turn made by an airliner contrail exactly North-by North West of our previous office building in the summer of 2012. We’re not complaining, though: we accept every little surprise he bring us in gratitude and hope that the little man we’ve named Poppentje (after his better-known YouTube cousin) will stay with us for a long time. To see just what the Wood family is capable of with a little help from some (handed) friends, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcmKGRlD9ts . Have fun, thanks for sharing! Rik at City of Heerlen, Netherlands

    • Dear Rik
      Thank you so much for sharing your story of your Poppentje and the amazing video link. My Emotikins wave hello to yours! May your creativity continue to be kindled!
      Cheers! — Shelly of Seattle 🙂

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