She shares with seashells by the seashore

Sharing with seashells by the seashore
She saw this seashell by the seashore on a Saturday at 7 a.m.,
well, maybe a bit later than seven.
She and the shell shared stories and some songs, soaking in sunshine.

It seemed to say it was a seashell-moth

As she spoke softly to the shell, it seemed to say it was a shell-moth
sitting among the seaweed til Puget Sound swept it into the sea again.

Catch a wave

Surely, she said, the sea will sweep you up soon.
She stood and stepped over stones to the shore,
where she tried to catch a wave for the shell-moth.

Summoning the surf

She stood still, sang a strong song, and summoned the surf.

So long, seashell…

Sayonara, it said.

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