Welcome to the world of Emotikin, where little manikins are posed to

  • reflect your emotions
  • help you communicate clearly
  • break the ice
  • pose a question or poke a joke
  • remind you to be kind to your kin
  • get you out of your head and into your heart
  • motivate you to play in your day.

Emotikin are metaphors in motion.

Welcome to Our World!

Emotikin likes to travel — to big cities, the beach, the mountains, the river, museums–somedays the front yard is just right for playing with Gnome, building snowmen or drawing with sidewalk chalk.

Join us in our adventures around the world and around Colorado, and starting in 2012, the shores of Seattle.

Learn the Lingo

Here are a few words from our root words, e-mó-ti-kin & manikin, to kindle your imagination:

emote: to express one’s feelings

emoticon: in computers, a combination of keyboard symbols representing caricatures of human emotions such as happiness, skepticism and surprise

motion: the act or process of changing position; a purposeful movement of the body or body part; a formal proposal or suggestion that action be taken

motivate: causing a person to act

manikin: from the German mannikijn “little man”; a poseable figure used by artists, tailors or dressmakers

kin: family, related individuals

kind: (n) a characteristic, a variety; (adj) of a friendly or good-natured disposition, coming from a good natured willingness to please others.

kindle:  to excite feelings; to ignite, to catch fire (the ebook reader from Amazon came later!)

kindred: having a like nature; kindred spirits are friends you recognize instantly, feeling as if you’ve known them forever on the first day you meet

kinesics: to study the relationship between communication and body language