How to Slow Down on a Friday

I set myself free on Friday at noon.
Got my swing off the hazelnut tree.
The clouds had picked west, so we went to the east
to the beach with the tree with that branch.


Folded rope, chain and thoughts filled my arms,
filled my heart.
How tight we hold what needs to go.


The moment I slung rope-swing over the tree
The afternoon started to breathe.


Sit down, the seat said,
Say a prayer, said the sea.
You can loosen your grip, said the chain.


Now tune your ear to the tide,
My prayer whispered back.


Do you feel your breath slowing too?


The tide coming in had secrets to tell.
It didn’t take long til I listened.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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have a good weekend! 🙂

After the Windowsill


Today was the day. It was time to let my seashell friends and stones go back home. They’ve been gracing my windowsills nearly a year, coming to stay a few at a time over time. The spiders and dust motes made them sneeze. So in the spirit of Solstice next Tuesday, it seemed the right day to let High Tide give them a go.

So off to Point Robinson, north of the lighthouse.


Out of the basket, landing in the sand with happy chirps.


Ah, what a beautiful crew. I’m going to miss them.


They jumped onto the just-right-size driftwood to take in the view, get their bearings.


Then we sang songs. I wish you could have heard them harmonizing.


When it was time for me to say farewell, one little green stone asked to go back in my pocket. I said yes, of course, yes.

I must admit, the basket wasn’t empty when I left the beach. New stones had invited themselves for summer vacation. But that’s another story.

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